Why We're Doing This

During this pandemic we will face challenges many of us have never known. We created this site to do what we can to help. Whether you're a smaller eatery or a large corporate chain, we are all people and we are all in this together. Even with a constantly evolving situation, we will strive to keep the information on here as up to date as possible

Who Made This?

As friends of Foundry 503 we have partnered with them to bring their idea of PDX2GO to Pierce County, Washington.

Does It Cost?

No. There is no charge for using this site or listing a business.

How Can I Help?

Tell your friends. Word of mouth will be our best friend. The more businesses we can send customers to the better! Don't want take out or delivery right now? Think about getting a gift card to help support your favorite places to eat.

Be safe out there! ✝